No Win No Fee

The No Win, No Fee agreement is only one way of funding a claim for Personal Injury but is currently the most popular. See the “Claim for Personal Injury” option in the “Services” tab for more information.

A No Win, No Fee agreement can normally be offered if we believe that the claim has a 51% or higher chance of success and the value of the claim is £1,000 or above – however every claim is different – please contact us should you wish to find out more.

Please note that No Win, No Fee agreements are regulated by The Law Society.

As a consequence of a change in the law in April 2013, we are no longer able to guarantee clients 100% of their compensation if their claim succeeds. Solicitors are no longer able to claim all of the legal costs incurred from the losing party and so have to take a fixed percentage from clients at the end of a successful claim in order to meet legal fees.

The No Win, No Fee agreement normally involves no up front costs. No fees are payable unless the claim succeeds, in which case you will be asked to pay a pre-agreed percentage of your compensation to your solicitor (subject to a maximum of 25% of compensation for the injury/injuries and losses/expenses incurred). You may also be asked to fund the cost of an insurance policy in addition to this - this will however be explained to you in detail before you agree to instruct Pointon & Co Solicitors to act on your behalf.


Important Points To Consider

  • We will ask you to check at home for membership to organisations and Legal Expenses Insurance policies before agreeing any funding arrangement with you. It is important to check at home and be honest with us as it may affect the validity of any later agreement if you have not told the truth – in which case you will be made to pay our wasted legal fees.
  • If you have cover through an organisation or insurance policy, we will liaise with these companies to see whether we can continue to act for you under these policies – if not, we will advise you of the best course of action – i.e. to use the solicitors recommended by these organisations, or to stay with us.
  • If you do not comply with the terms set out in the No Win, No Fee agreement, the agreement will be void and you will have to pay our wasted legal fees – these circumstances will be explained to you during the initial meeting and will be explained in detail in the agreement itself.
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