Claims Involving Minors
(children under the age of 18)

Children are just as entitled to make a claim for injury as adults however, such claims have to be handled by a responsible adult known as the "Litigation Friend" - normally taking the form of the child's mother or father.

These claims will then continue to proceed as any other claim however any settlement reached will normally have to be approved by the Court and any compensation received will be invested into the Court Funds Office in a high interest account until the child reaches the age of 18.

Important Points To Note

  • Make a note of the time, date, location of accident
  • Note down details of any witnesses to the accident
  • Take photographs of the accident scene and any vehicles involved. Note the date that they were taken on the back, along with who took them, or if not printed off, make a note and keep this safe
  • After the accident, keep a diary of any symptoms and when they started, any GP / Hospital visits, along with details of any expenses / financial losses. Keep receipts where possible
Confidential Enquiries

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