Product Liability

You may have suffered an injury from a defective product due to the way that this was made – for example, there may be something wrong with the fabric / chemicals used to make the product. The product may have been part of a faulty batch, etc.

Whilst this type of claim is difficult to prove, it does not mean that your claim cannot succeed.

Important Points To Note

  • Take photographs of any visible injury as soon as you become aware of this – be sure to date the back of the photographs and note who took these or keep a separate note if these are not printed off
  • Seek medical advice immediately
  • Keep all original packaging and manufacturer’s instructions
  • Keep the original receipt if possible if the product was not bought from the manufacturer directly
  • If in doubt of the danger levels, inform the manufacturer or place where the product was purchased from immediately so that they can recall the remaining products in that batch number
  • Keep a note of any witness to your symptoms
  • Keep a diary of any symptoms and when they started, any GP / Hospital visits, along with details of any expenses / financial losses. Keep receipts where possible
Confidential Enquiries

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